The Saga of The Dryer

Since the middle of December, we have had a bit of a dryer saga going on at our home.

Last December, the night before PKR was leaving for State Speech Competition, the dryer started smelling really hot, and quit working.

Fortunately, we still had our old dryer sitting in the garage, so we hauled it into the laundry room, finished drying clothes for PKR's trip, and left the other dryer in the kitchen to await a look by "Mr. Fixit" when he returned from his trip.

Once Mr. Fixit returned, he looked at the dryer, took it apart, and he decided it was probably the motor, and that he would look into seeing how much it would cost to fix the motor, or get a new dryer.

Fast forward almost 4 months.

The old dryer has been residing in the laundry room, drying our clothes just fine, while the partially disassembled dryer still sits in the kitchen, by now being used as a holder for of a bag of clothes to give away.

So, it is Thursday and the old dryer starts making really bad noises....I think it died. RIP Kenmore dryer.

So Mr. Fixit gets on the phone and starts calling around and inquiring about dryers. Yesterday he talked to the nice man in Coeur d'Alene who repairs LG dryers, and he told PKR to bring the dryer to him on Saturday, and he could have it fixed in about 30 minutes. The repairman was convinced it wasn't the motor, that probably a washcloth or some other small item got caught in some part of the inner workings of the dryer.

Well, it was a small sock that caused all the problem. PKR drove down this afternoon, the guy fixed it, and he was home before I knew it. Now the RIP dryer can be moved back out to the garage, and possibly donated to some old appliance graveyard, and the newer, fixed dryer will be put back in its rightful place in the laundry room, continuing to dry load upon load of clothes.

PKR also learned how to keep the washer and dryer clean so they will keep working washing and drying clothes for many years to come.

I'm glad this story had a happy ending!!

Well, I'm heading over the hill again this afternoon, to take The Princess to her play. I'll hang out somewhere in Coeur d'Alene, get something to eat, and read a book until she is ready to come home.

Then tomorrow I take her back to the theater for her final performance, and to move back into the dorms for her final month or so of college. Then I head down to Tensed to pick up Kiki Aru and her friend from their stay in Clarkston.

Upon arrival back home, I'll probably have lots of laundry to get done before everyone heads back to school on Monday.

So much for the Princess of yesterday....I think she just turned back into Cinderella!!!


Cedar Street Kid said...

If you can find out how you keep the washer and dryer from eating the socks, please let me know.Your dryer probably just had indigestion from eating the sock.

Go Figure said...

PKR is giving the rest of the men a bad name by doing what should have been a 12 month project in a little over 4.

MarmiteToasty said...

Tut tutting......... sending you a rotary washing line for your garden.....

ok ok I do have a tumble drier but it has not been used now for over a month, since our sunny weather arrived, and it will not be used now until the winter storms are here......


Silver Valley Girl said...

Cedar Street Kid--The eat them through the dryer vent.

GF--PKR got a laugh out of your comment. I probably shouldn't have showed him...who knows how long it will take for him to get the next project done?

MT--Believe me, my next step was to string up a clothes line in the basement to start drying clothes. It is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.