A Night On The Town

Tonight we headed to Coeur d'Alene for dinner out and the theater.

We met IEG and JEJ, my friend TCM, and my mom at Thai Bamboo.

Boy was the food delicious!! We all picked one entree, and then they bring the food on platters and you eat it family style. We had a nice variety of food, and it was really good.

The Princess and her friend RG came along too, but they went early to the theater so The Princess could get her hair done for the show.

After dinner we headed over to the Lake City Playhouse to see The Princess in James and the Giant Peach. We saw it once last week, and had the privilege of seeing it again tonight.
Here is our own Miss Spider

She did a really good job, along with the whole cast.

Then we finished off the night at home with some fruit pies. Z2 wanted us to bring some pie back for her, so we got some Peach Pie (of course), and Strawberry Rhubarb.

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