Tea Parties, Pirates, and other news

I don't quite view the world as the media has been viewing the world lately.

For instance, to me, a tea party is using china tea cups, some finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit, gathering with friends, enjoying each other's company.

And if I'm going to deal with any kind of pirate at all, I hope he looks like this.

The closest thing to a bailout that has happened around here recently is when the dishwasher quit working, and PKR had to bail the water out of the bottom before he fixed it.

Susan Boyle did put on quite a performance on "Britain's Got Talent", but my favorite Brit, hands down, is still Marmitetoasty. And I don't need a YES vote from Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan for confirmation.

And I realize there is a new "Bo" in town, but this is the Bo I Know!!


Christy Woolum said...

Amen to all of this. One of my students asked me if the Somalian pirates had parrots on their shoulders. Argh!
If I hear the following words about S. Boyle one more time I am going to scream: homely, dowdy, matronly, ugly, beetle brows.
I was delighted with her from the time she walked on the stage. Of course not as delightful at Marmite!

MarmiteToasty said...

(blushing*.. geez fanks :)