Guy Talk

Tonight after Kiki Aru's track meet, PKR, The Princess and I went to a restaurant for some dinner.

We had the opportunity to listen in on a conversation I am not usually privy to all that often.

Listening to guy talk.

It was very interesting.

The first thing we heard was one of one of the three guys complaining about how their food was cooked. But they refused to send it back, because they had seen a program on 20/20 about how cooks hacked lugies into food if it is sent back to be cooked again. (Not a very pleasant conversation to be overhearing at a restaurant.)

Then another started talking about their daughter's ex boyfriend who had come back "sniffin' around" his daughter again, and how this marked trouble.

Other subjects included cars, work, and financial talk. After we ordered our food, we started enjoying our own conversation, and the table next door was tuned out.

When our bill came, PKR can't see the bill very well without his reading glasses, which he never has in a restaurant, so it is just easier for me to grab the bill and pay it, since I can see.

As I was signing the bill, one of the gentlemen commented on how I was signing the bill, and started into a conversation with us about how his wife liked to use his card to pay the bill.

During this evening, I hadn't once looked at the table of men to my left. I had just heard their voices. I was under the impression I was seated next to three men, probably in their 30's. I was very surprised to find the three men older than I anticipated. One was probably around my age, maybe a little younger, but at least 40. The other two men were probably late 50's.

The man closest to me commented that The Princess was learning a good lesson from me, and how women are born to know how to do certain things, such as shopping, and getting good deals. I replied that saving money while shopping was all part of the game.

To be honest, that thinking kind of bugs me. I've never liked it when men belittle their wives, or talk about the "cute" things they do, just because the are the opposite sex. The whole stereotyping women thing. I don't like it when women stereotype men, either.

They did seem like very nice men, and we enjoyed a short little visit before we left. But, again, to be honest, if I hadn't had that short conversation with them, my view would have been different. I probably would have stereotyped them, thinking that they sounded like a bunch of jerks. But, after having just a brief encounter before we left, that view changed.

While sitting there, it was like getting a look at another world for a few minutes. The Princess had the same reaction. Neither of us are in situations very often that provide the opportunity to listen in on a group of men having a conversation.

Both of us found it fascinating.

If you asked the guys at the table, they would probably say it was just another thing women were born knowing how to do.


Go Figure said...

Hmm PKR glasses, aye? Well, one particular time I had...well lets say one margurita too many...well one pitcher too many...and couldn't read the bill. Filled it out for what I guessed it was...HA! imagine the waiter's smile (not) when it was observed to be for about half the amount. HA!

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

Well, GF, it seems like your problem that night wasn't lack of glasses, but too many glasses...of margaritas that is!!