Tonight was Family Bingo and Game Night at Kellogg Middle School. My Gear Up program teamed up with the after school KEY program to put on this event.

We grilled hot dogs, had chips and cookies and drinks. It was no cost to those who came to eat have have some family fun. Stein's Family Foods gave us incredible deal on the food. (Thanks, Joe!!)

There were over 20 prizes to win during BINGO, and you could also spin the wheel in the gym to win prizes, too.

While JM read off Bingo numbers, he shared something about preparing your student for college.

We had a great turn out for a spring event, with over 100 people there.

It is nice to be able to do things for the families of the students in our schools.

We also had Career Dress Up Day at school today. There were some very creative outfits and careers the students focused on today.

So, it has been a long, but good day today. But it must come to an end.

Good Night!!

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