Look Ma, No Braces!!!

Z2 got a wonderful surprise at the orthodontist this morning.
She got her top braces removed!!! What a beautiful smile!!


inlandempiregirl said...

Yes, I agree. Tell her she is beautiful and that I want to be her friend on FB.

MarmiteToasty said...

My Jacob has just looked over my shoulder and said 'shes HOT' lol



Idahoan from Arizona said...

I remember the day(s) both my girls had their braces taken off. They couldn't stop running their tongue over their teeth. And it was so great to see their smiles again. It was worth the wait (and the agonY)

Silver Valley Girl said...

IEG--Z2 isn't on the computer as much as her sisters, but once she gets on FB, I'm sure she will become your friend.

MT--Jacob has good taste in women...LOL!!!

IFA--Yes, I think she is doing the teeth rubbing, and she says it isn't her smile...but I'm thinking I will probably see more of her smile now that the top braces are gone...which is always a plus!!