Some Thoughts on Easter...There is a God

Happy Easter everyone.

What a fabulous service we had at church this morning. After some worship, and a message by Pastor Carey, our Creative Arts Team at church presented "There is a God".

PKR wrote and directed this production, that used many of his drama students from Kellogg High School. He used three different songs that the students acted out: the story of one person's search for an answer to life's difficult questions. We watched the Easter Story, the story of creation, and followed the journey of one young girl as she discovers the answer she is seeking.

Many of these students had never been to church before, or not for a long time. But they had the right heart, and the right attitude, and cared about the story they were telling. It was so beautiful, and I love it when God uses kids to share His Word and His message. And I know each of them was touched by the story they shared with the people at our church this morning. I believe many of them are Knocking at the door to God's heart, Asking questions, and as they continue to Seek, God will give them the answers they are searching for in their lives.

Actually, it is the same with all of us. We are always knocking at God's heart, even if we don't know it, asking questions and seeking for the answers. And God is always there, ready to give us the answers.

They videotaped today's performance, and I hope to post it soon, so you can watch it, and see what a great job they did.

The service ended with this song, There is a God.

There is a God. I believe it with all my heart. And Resurrection made it possible to have a personal relationship with Him, by the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ on the cross, and our debt has been paid in full.

God loves you. God loves me. Get to know Him, the Creator of the Universe.

He'll never leave you or forsake you.



Leahann said...

I couldn't agree with you more. The kids were AWESOME this morning. It was so very moving and Z2 was really great in her part too. It was a wonderful morning at CLC. Happy Easter!!!!

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

Yes, it was a great morning. And good job on the song...you sounded really good. It is so nice to have you part of the worship team.

MarmiteToasty said...

Happy Easter SilverValley sounds like you had a great one.....

Hoping MrP is on his way to recovery.... could you please tell him he is in my thoughts...


Christy Woolum said...

I look forward to seeing the video.