Just Be

Today was a long day.

I work part-time for a reason. Normally I work Monday through Wednesday, 8 - 1 p.m., and Fridays, 8 - 12:30. I take Thursdays off.

That schedule is perfect.

But there are those days, or sometimes weeks, when my schedule gets messed up, because of things coming up that I need to stay at work to take care of during the day.

Today was way too long.

A nine hour day about does me in. My head is spinning and about to explode.

I have realized this about myself, and why I only work part-time.

I need my down time. I need time to regroup. I need time to just stare into space and think.

I have three major things left at school, and two happen Thursday, and one next Thursday, then things slow down.


So, now I'm ready for PKR to bring home the Chinese food from Wah Hings, put my feet up, and maybe read a book.

Or maybe just stare into space. Daydream a little. Just be.

Now that sounds like my kind of evening.


raymond pert said...

I'm glad you sound kind of worn out and are putting your feet up. I'm really glad PKR is bringing you Chinese food. This will save me contacting Z and C and telling them to keep the plates away from you. I was afraid that after a long day, you might go on a plate smashing binge. I'm confident you won't. Whew!

:) ;)

Silver Valley Girl said...

No throwing things tonight, but if I was it would be coffee cups and crystal in my own padded cell, I mean room in the basement.

MarmiteToasty said...

I dream of working part-time..... but alas I will have to work until my last breath disappears, and I am no longer capable of working...

But I sure would love a chinky take-away tonight lmfao


Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, MT, part time work is perfect for me. And the Chinese take out was wonderful!!