Reality Shows---Yuck!

I am not a fan of reality television programming.

I have rarely watched one for a whole season.

Now I realize there are some good ones.  Many of my friends love "Survivor" and the show where people go on some adventure, but the name escapes me right now.  Oh wait, it just came to me..."The Great American Race".

I did watch a couple seasons of "American Idol", but I tired of it after a while.

My girls love watching "The Voice", but I don't really care to watch it.

I watched "Dancing With The Stars" briefly one spring when Paul and I were doing a local "Dancing With The Stars" competition, so I understood how the show worked.

A couple of years ago, when we first started streaming Netflix through our Wii on our television, one of the show one of our daughters would watch was "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".  Yes, I admit, I would get sucked into the episodes as I would walk through.  I compare it to that phenomenon of gawking at a car accident....you know you are seeing something bad, but you just can't help but keep looking.

It is a bit appalling to me that the "housewives" of whatever town they are from are now celebrities and their lives are often front page news in the Entertainment section.

But this last week I read an article in our local newspaper that talked about a new trend in reality television programming.....being naked.

Ah yes, now you can watch shows that don't show the viewer the nakedness, (there are still standards in television programming after all), but I guess the thrill is seeing the reaction of the participants and their reaction to each other nakedness.

Two of the shows our there are "Dating Naked" and "Buying Naked".  Really?  Why would I want to watch a show that follows naked people buying real estate?  I don't get it.

Again, this whole reality tv show thing is a personal preference.  It just doesn't happen to be something I enjoy.  I think it usually shows people at their worst, just so we can either get a laugh or maybe say to ourselves that our life isn't so bad.

Now, I realize there are exceptions.  I have cried my way through many an "Undercover Boss", and "Home Makeover" episodes.  But the overall concept of reality television programming is not my thing.

So, if you need your weekly fix of "Dog the Bounty Hunter", or "Pawn Stars",  or that "Honey Boo-Boo" girl, you go right ahead and indulge in that guilty pleasure.  I, for one, will just turn in off, or change the channel.

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