Vacation at Home:Health and Wellness Trail at Shoshone Medical Center

There is a trail right above our local hospital that takes you up the side of the hill, and only after minutes of being on the trail it is hard to believe you are close to a town.  Soon, all you see are trees and all you hear are birds.

This trail is easily accessible from the Shoshone Medical Center parking lot.  You park on the east side and go up the stairs.  You cross over the "trail" as we used to call it in high school, and start following the well marked trail up the side of the hill.

Here are some of the views along the way.

There is a bench about half way if you need to take a break.
And a sign tells you what kind of pine trees to look for along the trail.
When you get to the top, there is a sign that explains about Kellogg's Second Chance, and the success of the tree planting that started when I was in high school. 
These signs were created by the Kellogg High School Art Students.
And finally, at the top, a beautiful view of my hometown, Kellogg, Idaho.
Again, another beautiful walk only about a five minute drive or bike ride from my front door.  So much beauty in my part of the world, and I am so glad I am taking the time this summer to experience some of the trails close to my home.

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