Vacation at Home: Walk Along Jackass Creek

Paul was nice enough one day to accompany me for a beautiful walk behind Kellogg High School along Jackass Creek.  We hiked as far as the old reservoir.  I am so blessed to live in a place with such beauty, and to work in this school with such beautiful surroundings, and a breathtaking view.

Paul heading down the trail.
Daisies along the path.  So pretty and cheerful.
A snake along the way.
The butterflies were really attracted to the deer fur.

Here is where the deer bed down at night.
Syringas are along every path I take. 
Beautiful blue sky.

Walking along the trail toward the reservoir.
Jackass Creek
Thimble Berries
Paul at the gates to the reservoir.  I remember back in the early 70's when there was a flood in Kellogg and we couldn't use our water, my sister took me up to the high school to shower because the reservoir provided water at that time for KHS and that water was still good.
Here we are, on the trail!!
Our view as we were leaving the trail.  The back of Kellogg High School
and the lovely mountains above.
More white flowers along the trail.
We went across the football practice field and found this bridge to cross Jackass Creek.
Crossing the creek.
We are now walking along the east side of Kellogg High School,
and are coming up on the KHS Annex.
Coming closer to the KHS Annex.
Front view of Kellogg High School.
This hike is less than five minutes from our front door.  Plus, it is right outside the place Paul and I work during the school year.  I hope to take advantage of this area more by walking this path during the school year when I need to take a break at work.  It will be fun to see the landscape change as the seasons change.

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sunshinegirl said...

I just love those daisies! It's always nice to take a walk when you are free :D