We have two dogs, and they are both Pomeranians.

Sadie is our oldest Pom, and she is our daughter Molly's dog.

Juliet is our younger Pom, and she is our daughter Zoe's dog.

They both are very different from one another.

When people see them together, they find it hard to tell them apart.  But there are some distinct differences.

Sadie will be 9 years old in September. 

Juliet is five years old.

Poms are very entertaining dogs.  I never thought I would own a "yapper dog", and I used to refer to little dogs like Poms.  But when we got Sadie for Molly, Sadie won me over.

Yes, they can be very yappy.  But they are also very affectionate, and cuddly and have great personalities.

This summer has been quite the summer for our Poms.

In May, it was determined Sadie had Gall Stones, and a Kidney Stone.  So surgery commenced, and out came the gall stones.  She is on a special diet to break up the Kidney Stone. 

This week, Juliet swallowed a metal object.  They went in the remove the object, and the vet discovered her gall bladder was enlarged about 10 times the size it should be.  The gall bladder needed to come out.  So out came the gall bladder, the quarter was located in the stomach and removed, and now Juliet is home recovering from her surgery.

We fondly referred to Sadie as the "Money Pit" because of all the things we needed to do medically for her in the last two months.  But now Juliet has taken over that title, because, she, literally, was a money pit.  Sadie's nickname changed to "Rock Quarry" since she had gall stones removed.

I love our pets, and our little Poms make our lives so much richer.  Sure, they do things that drive us crazy, but we love them very much, and I couldn't imagine life without them.