Last month I shared about my decision to change the way I am eating this summer.

My plan is to eat no meat (except fish) and no sugar (natural sweeteners are okay) through the end of August.

Well, so far, so good.

I only had one relapse, and I hadn't even realized it until the end of the day.  It was Father's Day, and at our fellowship hour after church, there were some meat and cheese platters, and Paul and I both loaded up our plates with pepperoni, sausage, cheeses, etc., but not having any of the cake, of course.  No one even realized that we were eating meat. I think we were more focused on eating no sugar.  I finally realized it toward the end of the day...to funny!!

But, other than that, I have learned to cook fish and seafood in different ways, and use vegetables and beans more prominently.

It really hasn't been that hard.  I have loved the shrimp kebobs, and barbequed salmon, and fish tacos, and the lentil sloppy joes, and homemade hummus, and grilled veggies.  I have loved trying things with tuna and salmon in the foil packets.

I am looking forward to when the bounty of my garden will be here so I can start picking veggies to cook from the garden.  I have picked a few radishes, and it looks like one of the kinds of lettuce is also ready to be picked.

Soon there will be zucchini, yellow squash, beets, Swiss chard, other kinds of lettuce, kale, peas, and Roma tomatoes, Better Boy and Beefsteak.

Each day, morning and evening, I go check on the progress of the veggies, and pull the weeds and grass that pop up, and also thin out the radishes.

Some of the green bean vines are starting to work their way up the poles.

The tomato plants are starting to get blossoms.

So, do I feel healthier since eating this way for the past month?

Yes, I think I do feel better.  I have lots a few pounds, and my clothes seem to fit a little better.

I seem to eat smaller portions, and I don't stuff myself.

I make better choices in eating, because I now choose a piece of fruit to eat or a handful of nuts instead of a piece of candy or a cookie as a snack before bedtime.

One of our summer traditions is to go up to Murray in the summer and eat at the Spragpole and order hamburgers.  Paul was talking today how one of those hamburgers sounds really good.  I have always said they are the best hamburgers around!!  But I'm not sure I want one this summer.  I may make an exception that one day when we head up to Murray, but I may not, and may go with fish and chips or some other fish option from the menu.  But either way, I won't feel like I missed out.  Because I could order either way.

The sugar thing has been a good choice as well.  I did discover a thing called Stevia in the Raw that you can use in baked goods as a substitute for sugar.  Zoe made me a peach pie for my birthday using the Stevia, and it was really good.  But that is a unique treat.  Staying away from processed sugars has really helped me feel better.

So, my eating adventure continues for another month and a half.  Maybe it will change the way I eat, and I will keep with only fish, and focus more on beans and other types of protein.  If it continues to be this easy, I may just have to stick with it!!


Lisa B. said...

I always love reading your stories. You inspire me and I know you inspire others. Bless you.

Carol Roberts said...

Thank you Lisa for those kind words.