What in the Hail Happened Here Tonight???

I am interrupting my normal blog to report on the hail storm that blew through here around 5 p.m. this afternoon.  It was something.  In fact, there is still hail out in our yard right now, and it is almost 10 p.m.

Once the storm started I went outside and took some pictures to document this storm.  I am going to share some of the pictures to give you a little glimpse at what rolled through here.

Before the storm began there were blue skies in the east.
The rain started falling hard, and there was  lots of thunder and lightening.
Then the blue sky went away.
The rain coming down off the roof.

Once the hail started, it really poured off the roof.

Hail coming down in the backyard.

Off the roof.

In the backyard

In the front yard.

More backyard hail.

More hail and water running off the roof.
The zuchinni

These flowers actually fair pretty well.

This sunflower was just about to bloom today...but the stem was broken off.

Hail filled the toilet planter.

Hail covered the front flower bed.

Flowers with hail in the background.

Hail filled the kitchen sink.

These herbs don't look too bad.

Hail and mint.

Marigolds are looking okay.

Sunflowers trampled by the hail.

The oregano will be okay.

Black eyed Susans got hit pretty hard.

Moonbeam Coreopsis stripped of flowers.

Petals taken off of these flowers.

After the hail stopped, a mist covered the backyard.

Hailing in front of the house.

Hail on the chair.

Hail covered the front yard in a blanket of white.

Hail in the grass.

More hail.

Hail on the roof
More sunflowers not looking good.
Thankfully no one was hurt, and none of our property was damaged, as far as we can tell.  We will have some leaves, branches and other debris to pick up tomorrow in the yard.
It was quite a phenomenon.  My phone kept giving me warning about the Severe Thunderstorm coming our way, and they were correct.  It was severe.
I am hoping once the plants get a little sun, they will recuperate a bit from the hail damage.
We'll see when the sun comes out tomorrow. 

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