Z2 Has Personal Best at State Meet

I just flew in from Boise, and boy are my arms tired. (Rim Shot).

I flew down to Boise this morning to watch Z2 run in the Idaho State Cross Country Championships at Eagle Island State Park. She is the first freshman girl from Kellogg High School to qualify to go to state, at least since Coach Castro has been there.

Here she is, lined up ready to go. She competed against 71 other runners. I was timing her on my phone, and my time was 23:13, but her official time was 23:25. (I think her official time is off, but I won't go into that right now.) She came in 46th.
Last week, if you recall, she ran 24:12, and today she ran almost one minute faster. She looked good and ran a great race.

Here is her "unofficial" time on my phone.
Her coach, Ben Castro, couldn't stop smiling today!!
We have lots of family down in the Boise area, and Z2 was so excited that her cousin KR was there to cheer her on. Here Uncle KR and Grandpa BR were also at the meet cheering, and taking pictures.
It was a great day, and we look toward the future for more exciting running moments from Z2!!
This year her very first race she ran over 33 minutes, so she improved 10 minutes over the year. I know it won't always be that much improvement in one season, but it was fun watching her figure out how to run this season!!


Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! I would have you hug Z2 for me, but after flying to Boise and back I'll bet your arms are tired. ( Rim Shot again).Congratulations to Z2 and thanks for the update!

MarmiteToasty said...

Well done, a whole minute off the time is fantastic, it will only get better and better :)


Go Figure said...

Wow!...and Double WOW! That is a great improvement and a great accomplishment for Z2 to be able to attend the State Meet. Of course it is especially great because her father could NEVER run! HA!