Here, There, Everywhere

I was here, there and everywhere today.

I headed out with Kiki Aru this morning to watch her AAU basketball game in Post Falls.

I dropped off KA at the school at 10:30 a.m., thinking they were getting team pictures, but that didn't happen. I headed off to get some money to The Princess so she could go buy a dress that she would be wearing in her friend's wedding next month.

I also treated myself to a visit to Starbucks, purchasing a Twisted Peppermint Mocha and a Cranberry Orange Scone.
Then back to Ponderosa Elementary to watch the basketball game. (They won, 44-20)!!

KA headed off with her team to get pictures taken, then to the Shilo Inn to a birthday party of one of her teammates.
I headed off to Capone's in Coeur d'Alene to have my annual Christmas lunch with my friends from Kellogg High School. We have met every year for 7 years to get caught up, and exchange Christmas gifts. What a blessing these yearly lunches are, and I love these friends dearly.

After lunch, I drove up to Lakeland High School in Rathdrum to get PKR, who had spent the day there at District Drama competition with is drama students. He was very pleased to have three, possibly four of his drama students qualify for State Drama competition.

We got in the car and drove to Wallace, to perform one of our final two Godspell performances. Our final performance is tommorow afternoon.

It was a great performance, even though I almost had a coughing fit and lost my voice at one point in the production. But the show went on, and I survived!!

Now I am home, in bed, and ready to sleep.

To be there and everywhere...
Here, there and everywhere.....


Phil said...

Wow, you drive I-90 a lot!

Speaking of basketball, my daughter is playing 3-on-3 in Hayden's parks & rec league. It's for 2nd graders to learn and have fun.

I was just livid today during her game. I actually had to leave the gym because the team she played against was coached by a woman who apparently thinks this "fun" league is the NBA. She's taught her players to be overly aggressive and to steal the ball away from the other players at every opportunity. Which they did, and my daughter's team couldn't even get the ball to their end of the court before it was 20-0. Even into the 4th quarter, when it was something like 40-2, this coach was continuing to yell to her players, "Take the ball away from them, reach in there and grab it!"

Two of our team's players were in tears toward the end of the game, yet this opposing coach never let up.

And then. AND THEN! A couple of the parents of that other team actually had the gall to laugh about it. One of them said, as he was leaving with his daughter, "That was hilarious how you guys kept stealing the ball right out of their hands."

You think my daughter will want to play again next year? Probably not. 7-year-olds should have a chance to just learn and have fun.

Oh, sorry, I've written the longest comment ever. I'll have to write this up on my own blog.

Lukas said...

Hey Mrs Roberts, me again.

Does that red head Jennifer girl in your "Godspell" performance have a boyfriend?

and if so, do you think I could out-do him?


Silver Valley Girl said...

Phil--Yes, if we could just let the kids play a fair game it would be great. But often it is the parents that get me the most upset. Sometimes I want to watch the game from a secret booth where I can't hear any of the comments from the spectators. This year hasn't been quite so bad, but she starts school ball in January, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully the next 3 on 3 game will be a little more fun for your daughter. But I only had one our of three girls who took to BBall, and it was my youngest. The other two decided it wasn't there thing.

Silver Valley Girl said...


She is recently divorced, and way too old for you.


Lukas said...

are you serious?!

she really didnt look that old...

oh well, old or not, looks good enough for me :D

(assuming me are talking about the same person *twitch*)