Great Idaho History Blog Find

It is amazing to me what I come across while going through Google Images. As I was searching images about The Silver Valley, Kellogg, and Burke, I came across the following blog.

It is called:

On this blog I am posting writings, mementos & pictures related to Idaho history from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Much of it pertains to the assassination of my great grandfather Governor Steunenberg in 1905, the assassin Harry Orchard, mining and labor, the trial of Bill Haywood in 1907 and the various 100 year historical projects and events that took place in Idaho. Your comments, items of interest & viewpoints are welcomed. John T. Richards Jr. Email to: john.t.richards@sbcglobal.net

I'm looking forward to having the next few days off and reading and exploring this new blog. If you are interested in Idaho and Silver Valley history, it looks like a great find!!


John T. Richards Jr. said...

Silver Vally Girl:
Thanks for the nice plug regarding my blog. I hope you enjoy perusing it. I am happy to share information, receive comments and of course the Silver Valley is always of interest. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Regards, John

Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

Oh how very cool. What a great find. I'll for sure be checking it out as well.

MarmiteToasty said...



Silver Valley Girl said...

John--I look forward to exploring around your blog. It looks very interesting. I'm working on an historical fiction novel about the Silver Valley, and it looks like your site will be a great resource.

Leehann--Thanks for following my blog. It nice to see you stopping by.

MT--Happy Fanks to you,too!!!