Happy Birthday, PKR!!

Happy 49th Birthday, PKR.

Today my sweetie turned 49 years old.

We drove to Coeur d'Alene and picked up The Princess and her boyfriend at NIC and had dinner at Moontime. Check out a great review from Orange TV at Get Out North Idaho.

My mom also joined us for dinner. So PKR and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with mom, The Princess and Boyfriend, Z2 and Kiki Aru.

I enjoyed one of the specials, Chicken Pot Pie, with a Spinach and Pear salad.

Mom enjoyed a steak sandwich.

PKR and Z2 enjoyed the Shrimp and Roasted Tomato Linguine. PKR also enjoyed a cup of gumbo.

Kiki Aru also got a special, the Italian Tortellini.

The Princess had Raviolli, and Boyfriend had the famous Moon Burger.

It was fun being all together, and enjoying a wonderful meal.

One of life's simple pleasures.


Nita Jo said...

Happy Birthday to PKR! Pop over to Little Grey Gardens to see my birthday post in his honor!

Nita Jo

Inland Empire Girl said...

Happy Birthday to PKR. I hope the waitress was a bit faster than last time for MIWW. grits.

Go Figure said...

Happy Birthday PKR!

MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PKR - I dont know you, but if your married into one of me adopted families then you must be a bit of alright :)


Silver Valley Girl said...

PKR thanks you for all the birthday wishes.