Congrats to Wallace Boys--Win Godspell Tickets!!

My two blogging buddies who hail from Wallace, Idaho, took time to come up with a slogan for our Godspell production, and they are the winners of the tickets.

They will each receive two complimentary tickets ($24 value) to the show of their choice.

Congrats to Cedar Street Kid and Go Figure.

I'll be contacting them about how to make reservations.

I hope they can make it to the production.


MarmiteToasty said...

Mmmmmmmmmm could this possibly of been fiddled LMFAO...... jk - Enjoy the show you two, and there was me booking me flight to fly over just for the show ;)


Cedar Street Kid said...

All through grade school and junior high, GF and I had a contest to see who was the tallest and who weighed the most.For years, it was pretty much a dead even thing. In High School, GF jumped ahead for good. At last, I finally tied him again in something(:)

Go Figure said...

Wow this is great. Thanks! Oh, as far as Cedar goes, I am not sure that winning a 'weight' contest in H.S. is a thing that we should really talk about. As I recall, I was a lean, mean, fighting machine. HA!