Thanksgiving--Martin Creek Style

Today, my siblings and I are sharing our version of Thanksgiving, since we are all here together...the first time we have been together for Thanksgiving since The Princess was a baby. That is this week's sibling assignment. IEG's will be here, and RP's will be here.

We have gathered together to ask the Lord's blessing here at Inland Empire Girl's home, overlooking beautiful Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington.

Yesterday, PKR, The Princess, Z2, Kiki Aru, myself, Grandma Mary, Peaches and Sadie all loaded up in the Envoy and headed to Spokane Airport to pick up Raymond Pert at the airport. Yes, we were a bit crammed into our vehicle. It felt a little bit like "The Beverly Hillbillies"!!! We almost tied "Granny Mary" to the hood of the vehicle in a rocking chair.

We arrived last night at Martin Creek, and were greeted by IEG and JEJ, and IEG had homemade Moose Vegetable Soup ready to share. It was delicious!!!

Today started out pretty laid back.

Kiki Aru sleeping soundly.

Sister Z2 also catching some z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z's.The Princess decided it was too loud in the living room to keep sleeping, so she headed to our room to sleep.Raymond Pert relaxes while reading the morning paper.Sadie and Peaches check out what is going on in the kitchen.

Will this warm cup of coffee help my sinuses feel better?

Okay Mom, put your camera away!!!Z2 is tired of the paparazzi doggin her this Thanksgiving season!! Grandma Mary enjoying the comics this morning.

Oh, the picture taking is just beginning....heh...heh..heh!!!!

Hey, has anyone seen The Princess???
Oh, there she is...imagine that???

Grandma Mary working on the appetizers.

Yum...hot out of the oven!!! Crab and cranberry cups.

IEG going over her detailed list, and giving JEJ last minute instructions. Z2 assembling the Autumn Red Greens salad, with pomegranate vinaigrette dressing and a garnish of fresh goat cheese and julienned beets. It was delicious.

Gosh, it is almost time for dinner....does anyone know where The Princess is???????

Uh Princess.....you better get up. Thanksgiving is almost over!!!

Instead of the traditional Turkey Dinner, IEG decided to have us prepare a Native American Feast instead. It was a delicious meal of the crab and cranberry appetizers,

the Autumn Red Greens Salad

Roasted Vegetables

Hazelnut Butter and Honey Squash

Here is the whole plate full of Barbecued Salmon, Roasted Vegetables, Squash, Cranberry Chutney, and Fry Bread.


Princess said...

i got up at 1
and dinner was at 4
thank you.

Go Figure said...

Great Fun! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

myrtle beached whale said...

OK, let me get this straight. RP flew from Eugene to Spokane? Doesn't that actually take longer than driving it? Let me guess the routing: Eugene - Portland - Minneapolis - Denver -Spokane. It is nice that you could all be together. Mary looks younger than RP, and much more ambulatory.