Z2 "Runs Like The Wind" Today

Before Z2 left for her District Cross Country Meet in Bonners Ferry today, her dad gave her one piece of advice.

"Run Like The Wind"

And she did just that, by qualifying for the State Cross Country Meet at Eagle Island State Park in the Boise area next weekend.

This northern A3 District could qualify 8 girls, and Z2 came in 8th. She ran a time of 24:12, doing over one minute faster than she ran at last week's meet in Potlatch.

It was so exciting watching her gain momentum throughout the 3.1 mile course. She started out in about 12th place, then kept gaining on the girls ahead of her, until she finally passed two of the Bonners Ferry girls, (or maybe it was Timberlake. I'm not sure, because they both wear blue).

She finished good and strong with great form, and was very surprised she qualified.

But once she realized she made it, you couldn't get that beaming smile off her face.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! Congratulations Z2. What a great accomplishment. On to state!

Nita Jo said...

That is so amazing! I'll be looking forward to reading about her experience at State! Maybe you'll have some pictures?!?

Wish her well for me!

MarmiteToasty said...

I have a beaming smile on my face :)