Would I Be Remembered at U of I?

My brother sent in a "Hat Tip" to DFO at Huckleberries Online about an article in the LA Times that talks about Sarah Palin, and her obscurity as a student at the University of Idaho.

When I was a senior in the School of Communications, Palin was just arriving. If a reporter had investigated my tenure at the university, there would be some tangible evidence I existed.

But I'm not sure anyone would really remember working with me. I'm not sure classmates would remember me either.

And I think of my professors. I really don't think I made a lasting impression on any of them. If my name was brought up, I seriously doubt they could recall much about me. And the School of Communications wasn't a very tight knit group at the time. You had journalism majors, public relations majors, advertising majors, and radio and tv production. But, if I recall, not a whole lot of cohesiveness in the department.

Yes, I realize I'm not running for political office, but, if by some weird turn of fate I was all of a sudden running for some high profile office, and a reporter started looking into my career at the U of I, they might find this:

1) She was known by members of her Tri Delta sorority, but if questioned by members of other Greek houses, only the ones who were from her hometown even remembered her.

2) Yes, she did work at the Argonaut as a reporter, and she sold advertising, and was an announcer the radio station. Perhaps the name may be familiar, but not sure if I can place the face.

3) She was in the marching band and sang in Jazz Choir but, again, unless she went to high school, or lived with them in the same house, students can't really place her.

4) Was involved in a campus ministry group called Campus Crusade for Christ. The leader at the time remembers her, and maybe a few students involved, even though she was in leadership positions in the group for more than two years.

5) She also got second place her junior year in the U of I talent show. But no one seems to recall who she was, or what talent she performed.

So I was a fairly active college student, but I still think unless you lived with me in the same house, or we went to high school together, I probably didn't make that great of impression on anyone.

Partly because I was very unsure of myself. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I pretty much stayed under the radar. I think it was my choice not to be out there too much.

I remember going to a few UI Alumni functions, and always feeling uncomfortable, because I always felt no one really knew who I was.

And Palin was only there maybe 2 years. And probably a bit unsure of herself, as well.

But now that I am 45, I too have a much stronger personality. I know a bit more who I am, what I want, and have much more confidence than that unsure college student. And I think a big part of it came from moving back home 8 years ago. I'd say a majority of the people here in the Silver Valley know who I am, because I'm out there more. And I'm more outgoing, and friendlier, and am not afraid to take risks and state my opinion.

So, what it all boils down to is it doesn't surprise me that Sarah Palin emerged as a dynamic personality in her home state of Alaska, where she probably gained her confidence in her hometown of Wasilla. And, like me, she was probably helped by having a loving relationship with her husband, family, and her church family.


Zaius said...

Fun post, Carol, and nice blog. I found it from the link on the Huckleberries blog.

I've thought about my tenuous UI-Palin connection in much the same way you have — how anybody could graduate from the UI with a degree in journalism without having worked at either the Arg, KUOI or KUID is beyond me, but look where it's gotten her! We must have been going about it all wrong!

And I do remember editing your stories at the Argonaut. You were pretty quiet and reserved but eager to learn and easy to work with. As a hint to my identity, I was a copy editor in the fall of 1982 and the M.E. in the fall of 1983.

If you're still having trouble figuring out who this is, click on the link above to visit my goofy blog. That may or may not help you out; I guarantee nothing.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Well, using my investigative reporting skills that I honed early as an eager young reporter at the Argonaut, I have discovered your identity, Beez. Thank you so much for commenting, and it was nice to know someone did remember me. And you were pretty spot on with your description of me back in college. I was pretty quiet and reserved. (Some people who know me now may have a hard time believing that description of me, but that is how I was at the U of I, just a confused girl trying to find her way, and not wanting to make waves, but eager to please and eager to learn.)

Were we involved in anything else together at U of I besides the Argonaut? It seems like we were, but I may be wrong. Again, thanks so much for commenting.

Beez said...

I don't think so, but maybe. In those days, when I wasn't at the Arg, I was ingesting mass quantities of Vitamin R. ;-)

I have to confess that I am more confused now, at 48, than I ever was in college. Funny how that works.