How Musicals Affect the Spirit

This week's sibling assignment was given to us by Raymond Pert. Here it is:

In honor of the upcoming production by the Sixth Street Theater of the musical "Godspell" write a post explaining what your spiritual experience has been with "Godspell" and, if possible, how that experience is similar and/or different from your spiritual experience with "Jesus Christ Superstar".

You will soon find RP's here and IEG's vague response is here.

To start out, I think musicals in general are a spiritual experience for me. I have always enjoyed this genre and the music from these shows touch a very special part of me.
I saw "Godspell" on stage in Spokane with RP's first wife Eileen. I must have been in junior high. I don't remember a whole lot about the production itself, but I do know I really liked the music, and purchased the album from the original Broadway production, and also have the book of sheet music. These songs have been a part of my life since I saw this musical on stage.

I used the song "All Good Gift" as the theme when I was installed as Worthy Advisor into Rainbow my junior year in high school. (Interestingly enough, Joy Persoon, who is directing the production of "Godspell" I am currently rehearsing for, sang and played this song during my installation.)

I remember singing "Prepare Ye The Way" as part of a Easter sunrise service in high school at the United Church of Kellogg.

After a learned how to play the guitar, I played "By My Side" and sang it with one of my sorority sisters while in college.

I can't pinpoint how exactly that production of "Godspell" touched my spirit, but it has been a lasting touch that will culminate next month as I perform in this musical. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to perform in this production and sing these songs.

A few years ago, I was reunited with "Jesus Christ Superstar" when my friend CM performed in it at the Lake City Playhouse. That night she reminded me the first time we saw it was when Raymond Pert took us to see the movie at the Rena Theater in Kellogg.Raymond Pert also received the soundtrack of the musical, well, actually it is the whole score of the movie on a record album, because it is a rock opera, as a present for graduation from Kellogg High School. I remember it also came with a booklet that had all the lyrics written in it so you could follow along. Again, I remember spending time playing that album, and listening to the words.

CM and I saw the production again, while we were in high school. It was a production at the Opera House in Spokane, and they didn't have a set. Instead they used lasers against the back wall. It was a really good production.

For me, listening to and singing songs that portray the stories from the Bible in a different way is a spiritual experience in itself. I like how they have stayed in my heart and spirit all these years. I like how people who may not ever enter a church can listen to these beautiful songs and words, and have their spirit affected.

The seeds of both of these musicals were planted almost 30 years ago, and have stayed within my spirit, and they continue to affect me today.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

Did I live in the same house as you in 1973? Thanks for reassuring me that these can stay with somebody spiritually. The pressure is on to provide a spiritual experience in November!!