Win A Couple of Free Tickets to Godspell!!

Today I created some promotional items for the Godspell production I'm rehearsing for in Wallace, and used this photo in some emails and posters.

The cast of Godspell at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace.

I sent an email out to all the staff of the Kellogg School District, and one of the teachers, after seeing the picture, joked to PKR and said, "That is the oldest cast for Godspell I have ever seen."

I shared this at rehearsal tonight, and we started coming up with bogus slogans for our production, based on this "aging" idea.

Here are some of the suggestions below. If you have any others, I'd welcome more ideas. In fact, I'm going to have a little promotional contest. Whoever comes up with the most clever slogan will win two tickets to Godspell to the performance of their choice (see the sidebar for performance details). The contest will go through Sunday, November 2nd, and I'll announce the winner on Monday, November 3rd. Just leave a comment and your email address so I can contact you if you win. Good Luck!!!

Godspell: The Geritol Years

Godspell: We Walked With Jesus (Literally)

Come See Our Godspell: Where the Deaf Will Hear, The Blind See, and the Lame Walk (And That's Just the Cast!!)

Godspell: Where We Just Try and See More Clearly Day By Day


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the last one. Great idea! Did you say at one time you were all going to wear black? Is that at a different time in the performance? I think I am confusing our mother with mixed up information. grrrrr.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Godspell-where the cast is older than "HE"

Go Figure said...

GODspell: More Relevant With Each Passing Day!