Hail to the Wildcats, Hats Off to You!!

Kellogg High School

This was Homecoming Week at Kellogg High School, and the week culminated tonight with the Wildcats beating the Bonners Ferry Badgers at football at Teeter's Field 15 to 6.

PKR and I are the advisers for the Freshman Class, so we had to make sure the Freshmen were doing everything they were suppose to do. Z2 and some of her classmates spent last Sunday afternoon decorating the Annex Hall for the Freshmen.

All week, the students dressed up in different ways, and also had competitions at lunchtime.

Wednesday night was the bonfire, followed by a Volleyball Fun Night. Z2 played in the pep band at the bonfire, and PKR played volleyball.

Today, the students participated in a Homecoming Parade that started at KHS, and went down Cameron Ave., then left on Hill Street to Teeter's Field, where all the students joined together to get excited at the Pep Assembly.

Tonight at the game, the half-time festivities are always a highlight for a "die-hard" football fan like myself.

Z2 was a member of the KHS Pep Band and marched in the Marching Band during half-time. They did a great job!! The ROTC Color Guard then raised their swords, and the homecoming candidates were introduced.

Tonight, Travis Seltenreich and Hannah Rivera were crowned king and queen. Hannah is a good friend of The Princess, and just a sweetheart. And I loved her mother's reaction when we congratulated her as we were going home...

"It is just wonderful she got one of The Lord's little blessings."

Yes it was.

I enjoy being, not only a staff member at KHS now, but an alumni who can actually sing all the words to the KHS Fight Song, "Hail to the Wildcats", and stands at the end of the game, and raises my hand singing the "Alma Mater":

"Hail To The Wildcats, Hats Off To You,

Ever They'll Find You, Loyal and True,

Firm and Undaunted, Always You'll Be

Hail To the School We Love,

Here's a Toast To Thee."


Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! I feel like I should go get my bright purple Wildcat sweatshirt on just to read this post. I wish I could have been there. Our homecoming week is combined with Halloween so it should be a "spirited week". lol

Cedar Street Kid said...

Drove past while the pep ralley was going on. I turned to my wife and said"I reall miss High school days" i really miss the old Wallace-Kellog rivalry. I filled my wife with tales from the past of that once mighty rivalry! oh for the good old days.Thanks for the post, it brought back so many wonderful memories.

Silver Valley Girl said...

CSK--Yes, I was down at the pep rally. I walked with the freshman float in the parade, then sat with them at the pep rally. It was a fun pep rally, and really enjoyable. I remember getting sick during homecoming my senior year, so it is fun reliving it again.