I Hate It When Cats Don't Come Home

This is the first time we haven't had a cat come home. Our cat Milo has been gone for three weeks now. PKR let him out one Sunday morning, and we haven't seen him since.

We only live a block away from the river, and Milo used to like to go over there, hunting little critters like mice I suppose.

When I started letting people know Milo was missing, I heard about coyotes being spotted in our subdivision, and that could have been his fate.

The trouble is the not knowing. Did he get hurt by the river? Did coyotes take him away?

What did happen to Milo? He wasn't sick, so he didn't go off to die because of that, like some cats are known to do.

He liked to prowl, but would always come back, usually because he was hungry.

In fact, he always came to the patio sliding glass and jumped up and down until we would let him in the door.

I still get up every morning, hoping to see him jumping up and down.

But I don't think he is coming back.

I don't like losing a pet in this manner.

Goodbye, Milo. You've been a wonderful cat for many years. We all sure miss you.


Inland Empire Girl said...

If Milo is like Finnigan- he may still return. We haven't seen Finny for over a month and Iris disappeared right after you left when we heard owls. I hate losing cats like this also. Milo was a wonderful cat.

Phil said...

We have a cat named Milo as well. Both our cats (the other one is named Basil Ratbone) stay indoors in their old age. They're like pillows - soft and comfy and always in one place at the end of the couch.

I hope you're soon singing "The cat came back..."