Wildcard Wednesday--Sherman Avenue...Winner of the Worst Winter Road Award

I didn't realize I was going to make this award, but after driving through Coeur d'Alene yesterday, Sherman Avenue has received the first annual Winter of 2008 Worst Winter Road Award.

Yesterday I had a meeting at North Idaho College, and got into Coeur d'Alene a little early, so I decided to drive through downtown Coeur d'Alene. Bad idea.

The road was snow packed and icy all the way, with a large snow berm down the center of the road.

The worst part was driving along, not fast at all, with my rig in four wheel drive, and, as I was approaching an intersection the light turned red. As I put on my brakes, I didn't stop, and went sailing through the intersection. Thank goodness everyone around was being cautious. (I really didn't need to have another wreck this season.)

So I creeped down Sherman Avenue, wondering the whole time why the main street through downtown Coeur d'Alene was so poorly maintained during this hard, hard winter we are experiencing?

Last Friday I drove to Spokane and none of the roads were as bad.

On Monday, I drove to Desmet, and none of the roads were as bad.

Even Kellogg has maintained their frequently traveled roads better than the frequently traveled Sherman Avenue. (Now our subdivision roads, that is a whole other story, but it isn't frequently traveled, so it doesn't count.)

So, hats off to you, Sherman Avenue. I'm not sure you are proud of the distinction, but it is yours none the less.



Go Figure said...

SVG-Yous needs to understand that Cda is a 'banana belt' town. It is a 'lake resort' town. Snow, no there is no snow, or ice, on Sherman Ave., seriously, wake up...it was just a bad dream.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Well, it may have been a bad dream but I head back to NIC tomorrow, and will not go down Sherman Ave. I think I'll take an alternate route!!

Katrina said...

I know what you mean...I've been slipping and sliding around downtown for the past three days! Maybe CDA ran out of money for de-icer in the yearly budget?

Go Figure said...

SVG--I was actually on Sherman today. You call that snow? I remember when the snow berms were 5-6 feet high plowed up in the middle so that it was one lane of trafic each way...and that lane was on a slant so you had to be careful not to slide into parked cares. It is a piece of cake now.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Are you sure you weren't remembering the streets in Wallace? Now The Centre of the Universe knows how to make snow berms in the middle of the street!!

I returned to CDA today for another meeting at NIC, and I stayed clear of Sherman Ave. All the other CDA roads were just fine.

Go Figure said...

Naw, the Centre of the Universe never plowed the streets back-in-the-day. It was spring time that was the problem. The 'snow holes' were 2 feet deep on the roads.