Sibling Saturday--Ten Best Media Experiences of 2007

Saturday I will attempt to post the week's sibling assignment, which is why it is now Sibling Saturday.

Raymond Pert gave this week's assignment:

Look back over the year 2007 and reflect upon photographs, blogs, books, songs, cds, dvds, movies, poems, etc. and compile a best ten sources of inspiration/learning/joy of 2007. With comments.

Here is Raymond Pert's here, and IEG's is here.

1. Slings and Arrows. A Canadian TV series that ran for three years. It is about a fictional Shakespearean festival in Canada, and the lives of the actors and people who work at the theater. A wonderfully written and acted series, that also taught me a lot about theater and Shakespeare as well. It also introduced me to the talents of Paul Gross. (see #2)

2. Paul Gross. An actor, writer, director, producer, singer from Canada who became internationally known by playing RCMP Benton Fraser on the show “Due South”. By following Gross’ career, I have watched movies and tv shows I probably never would have watched, such as "Wilby Wonderful", "Tales of the City", "Away From Her", "Married at Buffalo Jump", "Men With Brooms" and "Aspen Extreme". I have enjoyed most of them, and am starting to have a great appreciation for Canadian artists.

3. Sixth Street Theater. My association with the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace has given me many opportunities. The most exciting was having my first play produced on the stage last summer, and have my family be a part of it. As a writer, it was very exciting to see my work interpreted by the director and the actors, and I was very pleased with the performances.

4. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book had a tremendous effect on me. I was very moved by her experience in India and what she learned about meditation. It made me want to learn how to meditate and have a closer, more intimate relationship with God, and make some of the sacrifices she made, because I think sacrifice is part of the key.

5. The National Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. This was unbelievable. To see how artists depicted their culture over hundred of years, and to compare and contrast the different interpretations while leisurely strolling through the museum was a highlight of my trip to Washington D.C. last summer.

6. Real Christmas. This was the Christmas program I wrote for our church’s Christmas program this year. It was fun to collaborate with friends on set design, and the technical aspects of the show, and to see the beautiful children taking the show I wrote and making into something beautiful to share with our congregation, family and friends this Christmas.

7. Windows Movie Maker. I have had such fun learning how to make videos on Windows Movie Maker. I especially enjoy taking digital images and finding the right music to create a message with the images. Some day I may upgrade to a better quality movie making program. But until then, I am quite satisfied to play around on WMM.

8. Allison Kraus. An artist and musician I have known of for many years, but I have really enjoyed her album “A Hundred Miles or More”. I think I enjoy the country folk feeling to the selections on this album.

9. Sarah Mclachlan. Another female artist that I have discovered. A few of her songs were on the “Due South” soundtracks. I always enjoyed “Angel”, but wasn’t familiar with any of her other songs. Her Christmas album, “Wintersong” was may favorite album this Christmas, and I enjoy her voice and her music.

10. Harry Potter. Both seeing the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and reading the final book in record time, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" were both entertaining and fun to enjoy with other members of the family. It was sad to see the series come to an end, but I enjoyed hanging out with Harry and the others at Hogwarts, and look forward to seeing the final two movies when they are released.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Let's see...to get with it in 2008 I better:
join the Paul Gross bandwagon
read a Harry Potter book
watch the DVD of Real Christmas
and go on the next trip to Washington, DC.
I almost used the 6th St. Theater on mine so sibling minds do work alike.

Just Jen said...

Is that you make those cool movies? With the windows program? I'm going to try it as I can't find a program I can work yet.

Silver Valley Girl said...

IEG--I really think you'd like Due South if you sat down and watched it.

Just Jen-yes, Windows Movie Maker is great, and so easy to use, especially if you have some favorite pics, and some great music. Good luck!!