Gentle Reminders for the New Year

Often people make New Year's Resolutions, but find it hard to keep them.
If you had a list of gentle reminders posted on the corner of your laptop screen for 2008,
what would those gentle reminders be?

This is the sibling assignment Inland Empire Girl posed to us for the 2008. IEG's gentle reminder list is here, and Raymond Pert's gentle reminders are here.

Mine are below.

1. Start each morning with prayer and reading the Bible.

2. Walk each morning, and add strength training to my routine.

3. Concentrate more on the food I prepare for myself and my family...lower that cholesteral!!

4. Make a schedule to work on my book and finish the first draft by the end of summer.

5. Complete a knitting project each month.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

I like your gentle reminders. If you want some knitting inpirtation go on my blog and link to my blog friend Marcy at Knitting and Other Things. She just did some easy, really cute slippers.