Thinking Back Thursday--My First Silver Valley Skiing Experience

Each Thursday will now be Think Back Thursday. I will think back and share either some history of the Silver Valley, or a story I remember from growing up here.

All this snow coming down reminds me of my first two tries at downhill skiing. I think I was in third grade. A family friend, Joyce Snyder, invited myself and another kid RR to go skiing at both local ski areas.

One trip was to Lookout Ski Area. The other was to Jackass Ski Bowl.

Yes, that was the name before it was Silver Mountain. Before it was Silverhorn. The original name was Jackass Ski Bowl.

The drive up to Jackass was quite interesting...as you traveled through Wardner, then drove the winding road up the mountain. And the steep dropoff on the side of the road also made it quite an interesting trip.
From all my memories, it was a very terrifying experience. I had no lessons. I think it was basically, here are your skis, now go ski.

I remember going up to the top of the little hill, and probably sliding my way down on my bottom for most of the way. I remember you skied right toward the lodge, which seemed very daunting. And it seems as if there was some large ski equipment by the lodge that I knew I was going to run into if I kept going. Then probably most of my day was then just spent in the lodge.
The rope tow is what stands out the most in my mind on my trip to Lookout Pass. I'm sure I was just as terrified then.
I was very greatful for the two ski trips, but I don't think I got a whole lot out of them. RR seemed to have a lot of fun.
I didn't ski again until my senior year in high school. Again, at Lookout Ski Area, and it was night skiing, very icy, and not very fun.
While living in Montana, I took up cross country skiing. That was not terrifying. It was fun. Especially the two times we traveled to Yellowstone National Park to ski. That was unbelievable.
I have faced the mountain as an adult, up on Silver Mountain, and actually enjoyed it. I'm not that great at it, but I do manage to have fun.


Go Figure said...

What a nice post. It reminded me of another movie that Luke should watch...Downhill Racer. It stars Robert Redford. The cameraman who shot all of the downhill racing film footage (at that time a real significant accomplishment) was a young man named Jay Jalbert...from Mullan! He was an incredible skier. I recall watching him go straight down from the top of Lookout to the bottom. On the way down he hit one small mogel and flew through the air, at least 100 yards, but he was only about 3 inches off the snow because he had executed a perfect 'pre-jump'. He was moving so fast it was incredible.

Okay, I can tell it is getting late and the mind is misfiring, but, if he watches one movie, Luke has to watch Alice's Restaurant. No doubt.

GAV said...

OMG, the memories of Lookout and Silverhorn. I remember staying with my grandma in Wardner and watching all the skiers come down off the mountain. I only skied at Silverhorn once .... on a date.

Thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings of growing up in the Silver Valley

Katrina said...

I love skiiing! Of course, every time I go, I spend half the day on the bunny slope, re-learning how to stop and turn and steer (which is pointless, because I can't do ANY of those things when I'm coming down a mountain at high speeds, anyway.)

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love your new themes. I wonder why Joyce Snyder never took me skiing. Dad probably told her I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. tntl.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Thanks, GF. I remember almost doing a story on Jay Jalbert when I worked at the paper. I think he was involved with the Winter Olympics that year, and can't remember the details, but I remember talking to maybe his parents about him. Sounds like an interesting guy.

gav--Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you enjoy my thoughts on the Silver Valley.

Katrina--I'm the same way. It is so long between each time on the mountain that I always have to remember how to do things again.

IEG--Who knows why I got to go?

GAV said...

I also grew up in the silver valley...fond memories of skiing at Lookout, camping with my family, sledding behind our house and being a rainbow girl. So its fun hearing about stories from "home" is a pleasant change in my hectic life.