Sacred Sunday--Victories Through the 21 Day Fast

Tonight our church family gathered to share the victories that happened during the last 21 days. As I mentioned last week, some of our church members were participating in a 21 day Daniel Fast.

What an encouraging time it was to sit and listen to the wonderful things God did in our midst. People were healed, miracles happened, and lives were transformed.

One couple wept as they shared how God healed the baby growing inside SF. They had gone to the doctor and didn't get a good report, so they came forward for prayer te following Sunday, and SF felt Jesus was standing before her. A week later, they had an appointment with a genetisist, and this doctor wondered why they were even there because the baby was growing and healthy. What a wonderful miracle.

In the book of Joel it talks about seeing visions and dreaming dreams. Many shared of seeing visions and special dreams they had where God revealed things to them.

A relationship between a mother and daughter was restored.

A relationship between a son and father was restored.

A marriage was restored.

During some special services over the weekend, people were told of a good future ahead, and given some exciting words from the Lord about what to expect.

There was laughing, and crying and rejoicing tonight.

People were earnestly seeking God, and wanting to hear from Him.

And they did!!!!

How Great Is Our God!!

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