Sibling Saturday--We Got You Again Dad!!

This week's Sibling Assignment was posed to us by Inland Empire Girl. IEG's is here, and RP's is here.

Here is this week's assignment:

" Many say what is lacking with families today is that time sitting together at the dinner table discussing the events of the day. Here is your topic: Think of a memorable time our whole family was gathered at a dinner table and your reflections on that memory."

To me one of the funniest conversations around our dinner table happened when I was in late elementary school and junior high, and my brother and sister would return home from college on either Christmas break or Spring break, and Mom, my sister and I, and sometimes my brother would get in an exciting conversation about some special people in our lives. But Dad never quite clued into who we were talking about. The conversation would go something like this:

The Family Dinner Table


Dad: A man in his mid to late forties. He is a blue collar worker at the Zinc Plant.

Mom: A woman in her mid to late forties. She teaches second grade at a local grade school.

RP: The oldest, and only son. He is a student at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington.

IEG: The oldest daughter, and middle child. She is a student at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.

SVG: The youngest child in the family. A student in the seventh grade at Kellogg Junior High School.

The setting: A kitchen in the house at 516 W. Cameron Ave., Kellogg, Idaho. The family is sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a meal of homemade chili and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. RP and IEG are home from college on Christmas break. The family is catching up on news from the last few months.

The conversation could have been something like this.

IEG: Wasn't that sad about Tad being thrown out of the car by his dad? What a horrible father he has.

SVG: Well, he was just getting used to being with Jeff and Mary, but then she died after those creeps invaded her house. It was so sad, her being pregnant and all. But I didn't think it was ever going to end. Wasn't she up in that attic forever!! After she died, along with her unborn baby, Jeff was devistated so Ruth and Joe decided to take Thad in.

Mom: Yes, then his father did show back up, and wanted to sell him to the Martins for $15,000.

RP: Yeah, and could you believe it when he came back after they refused and he raped Ruth.

Mom: Well, she did press charges, so now he is off to jail.

IEG: And can you believe Erica finally got her clutches in Phil, the love of her life?

Mom: But it didn't last long. After they were married she got pregnant, but miscarried, and had a nervous breakdown.

SVG: Yeah, then her and Phil divorced and she started having an affair with her mom Mona's best friend Nick. Yuck!! He is way too old for her.

IEG: And what about the song he sang in his nightclub? "Summer Me...Winter Me..."

IEG and SVG burst out laughing.

Dad: Who in the world are you talking about?

SVG: Oh Dad, we're just getting caught up on what has been happening on All My Children.

Dad: Oh for Christ's sake. (rolls his eyes, goes into the living room, opens a can of Heidelberg, and sits down to watch "The Wide World of Sports".)

IEG, SVG and RP again burst out laughing.

This scenario was repeated many different times, and could have included not only All My Children, but also General Hospital or One Life To Live.

(A Few Years Later)

SVG: Hey Dad, did you hear about how Luke raped Laura in the Disco in Port Charles, and Herb Albert's song "Rise" was playing? "Do..do..do..do..do.do......(hums tune to song)

Dad: What? Oh very funny. You and your stupid soap operas. I'm going to Dick's!!


Inland Empire Girl said...

I am laughing out loud. What a perfect set of memories. I can't believe so much could have happened to the poor family.
p.s. I just read that you get a snow day tomorrow. you know... they never plow those streets in your neighborhood.

MarmiteToasty said...

oh my, how very funny LOL.... its not only great winding up ones kids but it can be great winding up ones parents to LOL...