Media Monday--Due South

With the new year I am going to start out a new format for my blog that may help me focus a little better on writing. Each day will have a significance, which I will be revealing this week.

As you see above, Mondays will now be "Media Monday". Each Monday I will comment on DVD's, movies, books, albums or whatever else I want to share about.

Today I am going to share about a wonderful series I discovered because of watching "Slings and Arrows". The show is called "Due South".

It aired on CBS during the 1994-95, and 1995-95 seasons, but was cancelled. But Canada picked it up, and they produced two more seasons.

The premise of the show is a Canadian Mountie who lived in the Northwest Territories travelled to Chicago to find the killer of his father, who was also a mountie. The mountie is portrayed by Paul Gross (is this name starting to sound familiar?). He teams up with Chicago cop Ray Vecchio and each episode they solve another crime. It has a lot of Canadian references and humor, and is very well written. (The more I watch Canadian shows, the more I am starting to appreciate their brand of humor.)

"Due South" can be rented from Netflix. I was a good girl, and Santa gave me the whole series for Christmas to enjoy. Even after the show has been off for over 10 years, people are still nuts about the show. Fans are planning a convention in Toronto, Ontario this summer. There are websites dedicated to the show.

Below is a video from one of the episodes called "Mounty on the Bounty". The song is called "32 Down on the Robert McKenzie".

If you want a good show with quirky characters, good humor and some drama, I'd suggest you try this series.


JeanC said...

I loved Due South, it was a fun show. I think Mountie on the Bounty was their BEST episode ever.

Thanks for the video, I was nice hearing Paul singing again. I'd forgotten how good he is.

raymond pert said...

With this video, Paul Gross just knocked Alan Arkin off the top of my man crush list.

Silver Valley Girl said...

jeanc--I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'm so glad I found this series. I really enjoy it!! Paul Gross is amazing in "Slings and Arrows". Check it out.

rp--It was only a matter of time...I knew you would finally come around. LOL!!

Inland Empire Girl said...

It is amazing how often connections to Canada come up now. Eh! Have you noticed!

Silver Valley Girl said...

Take off, you hoser!!

1Letterman said...

Silver Valley Girl,

Question: The REAL Ray Vecchio, or the Stanley Kowalski Ray Vecchio? Discuss amongst yourselves.

There was just a documentary on the show broadcast on itv. Called "Southbound." You can see it in parts on YouTube.

There's been such a revival of Due South with the release of the DVDs, I'm hoping they do a TV movie.

Thank you kindly.

1Letterman said...

Oh, sorry. One last thing....

Mountie On The Bounty is awesome. As is Call Of The Wild and All The Queen's Horses.

But Victoria's Secret is a VERY VERY powerful thing.

Thank you kindly again. I'll shut up now.

Silver Valley Girl said...

1letterman--Thank you kindly for your comments.