Family Friday--Rad 80's Dances

The Princess had her friends Luke and Tim over to watch some movies, and Z2 had her friend Claire over.

They all took a break from movie watching to come up and eat some dinner, which was the delicious Clam Chowder my sister IEG recently shared the recipe for on her blog here. Oh, the soup is SO GOOD!! Thanks again for sharing it IEG!!

We had a wonderful time sitting around the table with these kids talking, laughing and sharing stories. Teens often get a bad rap for being uncommunicative, disrespectful and rude. But I enjoyed spending time with these kids tonight, and having them in our home. My girls have wonderful friends, and I love it when they come over and hang out.

After dinner, The Princess got on the computer to show us Totally Rad Dances With Dancin' Kim on You Tube. Dancin' Kim shows how to do five different "popular" dances from the 80's.

Here is Dancin' Kim helping us all learn Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, here.

Dancin' Kim also teaches The Robot, here, The Cabbage Patch here, How to Dance Like The Go Go's, here, and Poppin and Lockin here.

Below, the kids are trying to be Dancin' Kim's Rad Friends.

Now, if you have stuck with this journey back to the 80's so far, I have another treat for you!! Below is a video The Princess made the other night some of her friends.

Because Girl's Just Want to Have Fun....Even Tim!!


Inland Empire Girl said...

wow...a fun time had by all! love the photos and videa. If you haven't watched it yet go to You Tube to The Evolution of Dance with Judson Laipply. My students showed it to me yesterday. All of you will love it!

Inland Empire Girl said...

i mean video!

Katrina said...

Looks like a great party!

Go Figure said...

Okay, just thought I would let you know...that the roads in Cda are "snowy" at this time. I would agree that things are not looking to good in that arena at the moment. HA! Now this is what I call snow.