Talking For Our Pets Keep Us Entertained

From the beginning of our married life, over 20 years ago, PKR and I have entertained ourselves by giving our pets certain voices and we carry on conversations using those voices and communication for our pets.

We think we know what they are saying.

It started out with our cats, Lynx and Jessie. Lynx was a big, furry, 20 lbs. cat that talked like a big tough guy, and had nicknames like Bubba, Lynxer Stinkser, to name a couple.

Jessie was a small and petite cat and talked like a sweet little girl, and her nicknames were Precious, and Pretty Kitty.

We could entertain ourselves for hours talking for our pets. Throwing in some catnip for them only added to the fun.

Right now we have 2 dogs and 5 cats. And we talk for them all. They all have their own "story", their own personality, and their own voice. Now it is a family affair. We all talk for the animals.

Peaches is our Keeshond, and her nickname is "Beautiful". She talks in a nice, calm voice and is always happy and willing to do anything for you.

Sadie is our Pomeranian. We have branched out a bit with Sadie. She not only has one story, she has several, because she has multiple personalities. Sadie is the good doggie who does nothing wrong, and always obeys, goes outside and doesn't bark. Louise is the bad doggie who barks all the time when someone comes to the door, and poops on the floor and won't come when you call. Often the term "Jeez Louise" is said around our Pom. Then there is Marge, who flirts with our three legged cat Toby Montana. Jose is the dog who just wants to have fun!!!

We talk to each other through the voices we give our dogs and cats. It can be quite hilarious. Pets can say the darndest things!! It can be a very unique way to communicate.

Try it sometime. Figure out what voice your pet has, and start talking for it....channel their thoughts, their sense of humor, their biting wit.

It's cheaper than cable!!

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InlandEmpireGirl said...

And Peaches says to Sadie,"Hey, did you hear our cousins from Lake Roosevelt are coming this week-end?Remember Shelby and Annie?"
" I am the cutest princess dog in the universe. Do any other dogs exist?" asks Sadie.