Community Theater Brings Together Top Notch Cast

Today was our last show of "Madam's Been Murdered...Tea Will Be Late" at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace. It has been quite a wonderful and memorable production to be a part of this winter, and both PKR and I have truly enjoyed performing.

What a great cast directors Karin Clark-Reed and Cherri Bartle assembled for this play. Each performance each character became richer and developed more personality. It was fascinating to see the transformation.

This play brought together a wonderful group of people. One of the beautiful things about community theater is the varied and diverse group of people the theater experience brings together.

Karin comes to us from Los Angelas where she has acting experience in television and movies. She was sharing one story with us about being a maid in the final episode of "Dynasty", and one of the main characters dies in her arms in the final show. She said her picture was all over the tabloids because of that scene. By day, karin works at a local furniture store.

Cherri is an aid in the special education department at Kellogg Middle School. Her husband Ken, also in the cast, is the Pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Pinehurst.

Don Sauer is a Sixth Street veteran and is currently a CNA at a local nursing home.

Husband PKR is the director of Silver Valley Alternative School here in Kellogg.

Colleen Pettis used to be the director of the Historic Wallace Chamber of Commerce, but is now transitioning from Silver Valley resident, to Medical Lake, Washington resident. Her husband is retiring from the Forest Service this summer, and they are building a house over there and moving this summer.

John Turner made his acting debut in August in one of the melodramas. Johnny comes to us via Las Vegas, where he just retired from a 30 year run as a bartender at Caesar's Palace. He is also the brother of my good friend Miss Vicki.

Tom Gillies is an Americorps Volunteer at Silver Valley Alternative School.

Anna Hoppe moved to Wallace with her husband to retire. She formerly lived in Texas and was in charge of a security company.

Vern Hanson is the manager of the Baymont Inn, and has been at the Sixth Street Theater since the beginning.

Lisa Siri works at the Red Light Cafe in Wallace, and moved to the valley from Oregon.

And me, Silver Valley Girl. I am the office manager at Kellogg Pet Medical Center by day, and writer, photographer, and all around creator by night.

We also had wonderful support from Sharon Miller on sound, and Kristy Hewitt on lights. They made our production complete with their expertise skills in this area.

PKR and I hosted the cast party at our home tonight, topping off a wonderful three week run. It makes us feel good to entertain and make people laugh.

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InlandEmpireGirl said...

Again bravo to a production well done. We were so glad we got to come and see another wonderful performance at the Sixth Street Theater. What a cast and what an outstanding job. I am again so glad you weren't a murderer!lol