Blatant plug for sister-in-law's CD

My sister-in-law flew up from Boise today to attend the performance of our play. She used to live here and teach English at Kellogg High School. She moved to Meridian, and now teaches at Timberline High School.

Often we joke about the fact that she teaches to support her music habit. In 2005 she made a CD of original Christian worship songs she wrote, then put on concerts in Meridian, Kellogg and McCall. She is currently in the process of writing more songs and picking which ones will show up on her next CD.

You can find out more about Laurie and her music here.

There is also a link on her website where you can listen to some of her music and also go to CD Baby and order one of her CD's.

PKR and his brothers do back up on one or two of the songs on the CD.

I'm really proud of Laurie and all the work she has done on her first CD, and really look forward to her next one coming out.

I'll keep you posted!!

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Laurie said...

Thanks for the shameless plug, the encouraging words, and the place to stay for the weekend.

Kudos to you and PKR on your performances!