I Found Love

I'm a big fan of the Gilmore Girls. I've never watched it on TV, but we now own the first 5 seasons I believe, and it is a great show to have on DVD. Because of my love of the show, I decided to buy the soundtrack called "Our Little Corner of the World". There is a song that I have come to love on the CD called "I Found Love". You can listen to it here. The group who recorded it is called The Free Design. According to their website

The Free Design were a New York City based, mostly studio orientated band that did seven albums between 1967 and 1973. Chris, Bruce, Sandy, Stephanie and Ellen Dedrick were brothers and sisters and, as a result, they showed a tendency to sing in a similar manner.
They grew up in Delavan, N.Y., near Buffalo, surrounded by music. Their father, Art Dedrick, played trumpet and was chief arranger for Vaughn Monroe´s band and later had a band of his own until an attack of polio put him in a wheelchair. Since then he taught music and formed a pair of music publishing companies. Their uncle was Rusty Dedrick, who played trumpet with Red Norvo, Claude Thornhill and Ray McKinley. What a background!
Sandy played the keyboard instruments; Bruce was a master with guitar and trombone, and Chris showed supreme skills with guitar, trumpet and recorder. Ellen was also extremely talented in different facets. All of them studied music - All of them were granted with bachelor´s degrees in music education and master´s degrees at the Manhattan School of Music. They had a frightening amount of musical talent between them.
At the end of 1966, they had moved from upper New York State to New York City. Sandy´s apartment was a handy gathering place. There they started singing folk music together during the embryonic days.
Chris, the leader of the group, recalls, "but we tried to make our own arrangements. People who heard us said, ´Boy, what a great blend.´ So I decided to try writing some songs of our own." His first effort was Kites Are Fun. After his father had heard it - and complimented him on it - he suggested that Chris try writing something with trumpets in it. The result was The Proper Ornaments. These two songs became their first single - and it hit the charts!

You can read more about The Free Design here.

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Mommy Dearest said...

I love The Gilmore Girls, too, even though I rarely catch an episode. I'll have to check out the soundtrack ...