I Thought I Was Suppose To Break A Leg...Not A Sword!!!

You rehearse for weeks and weeks.

You learn your lines. You develop your character. You have the perfect costume.

You choreograph your steps for the sword fight.

Dress rehearsal went well.

Now it is opening night.

The lights come up, and your husband’s female character (Madge the chambermaid) gets the audience warmed up for an evening full of laughter and guffaws.

You make your entrance with your husband, who is now a male character, a playboy of sorts, one of the heirs to the English manor which is the setting for this murder mystery comedy, “Madam’s Been Murdered…Tea Will Be Late”.

Things are going well…pace is good…no missed lines, no missed cues, no missed entrances.

The sword fight has been choreographed and practiced for weeks. It was a big hit at dress rehearsal so you look forward to this scene.

As soon as PKR and I take the stance to begin the sword fight, you can tell the audience is going to love this scene.

Lunge, lunge, lunge.

Parry, parry, parry.

Come together.

Start to lunge….wait. PKR’s sword just broke in half. The blade fell off of the handle.

Come on…stay in character….what to do…what to do????

Laughter. I am hearing laughter. The audience is loving it. PKR adlibs a bit with Epsworth the butler, and we end up finishing the sword fight and the lines with PKR just holding the blade. And of course, I end up winning.

It will go on to make a wonderful opening night story for the Sixth Street Theater.

The rest of the performance went without a hitch. I think an enjoyable time was had by cast members and audience members alike.

All of our Sunday performances are sold out, which is encouraging. On Thursday night, all the proceeds of that performance will go toward Joe and Rose Mary Peak. Rose Mary has been one of our piano accompanists for years, and she and her husband Joe run the Enaville Resort (or Snake Pit, as it is known to most) and Joe is undergoing treatment for cancer. In fact, they are having a benefit for them today at the Snake Pit to help raise money.

It is a blessing to be a part of Community Theater. What a gift to be able to take people’s minds off of life for a while, and let them escape for a couple hours of fun and entertainment.

Well, I hope to break a leg tonight…not a sword!


InlandEmpireGirl said...

Darn. We miss the funny stuff. Save some good stuff for when we come! It was a good thing Raymond Pert wasn't in the audience or he may have come up on the stage and handed him another sword or some other prop! Don't break anything tonight. Beautiful tree picture.

raymond pert said...

Two things s.v. girl:

1. Get some duct tape for that sword. Or, slather it with Marmite.

2. I wrote the following to IE Girl: Hate to butt in here, sissy, but, uhhh, silver valley girl has never called MY blog calming...I'm freaking...does she find it angry? chaotic? Is my Georgia font confusing? What does she think? Yikes!!

"Hey, Deke! Where'd we put the Paxil?!"

Please, please let me know if my blog seems enraged or chaotic or a mess before I get committed in the local loony bin!

It it's a source of unrest and spiritual dis-ease What can I do???

raymond pert said...

/Raymond Pert snaps the lid back on the Paxil bottle/

raymond pert said...

I just received a loving message from my Princess Niece. Well, sis, the therapy is working wonders...she's a balanced and wholly rational kid...the Marmite will help nourish her mental health as well as physical, you know!