Help!! I'm Trapped in a Barrel

WARNING: The following words are the rantings and ravings of a mother on the edge of some kind of meltdown. I think she will be okay. She just needs to vent a bit. But if someone knows how to open a barrel, that would be helpful.

I’m starting to feel like the character I am portraying in the play I am currently in at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace.
My character’s name is Matilda Trent. Matilda is on holiday at an old English manor house since she retired from being a school teacher. She retired at an early age because some of her students lured her into a barrel and nailed her up in it and fed her through the bung hole for three days. During the play, she is a “bit on edge” and the doctor told her her nerves could “snap at any moment”.
This week, it feels like I have been living in a barrel, and the walls keep closing in around me, with no air, and I can’t breathe, feeling a bit it confined.
I get this way when life gets a bit overwhelming. And every time I look at my March calendar, the barrel gets smaller.
How did March end up getting so full all of a sudden? I didn’t really plan it to be that way. But it is. Once rehearsals quit for the play, things were suppose to be freed up a bit. But that is not the way it is for March.
Kiki Aru continues with her AAU basketball schedule, having tournaments every weekend until the end of the month.
No air.
Kiki Aru and Z2 are both working on History Day projects, and need some help to get those completed, because they present next Saturday.
The Princess is preparing for district speech competition that is Saturday in Coeur d’Alene.
Can't move.
My sister-in-law is flying in Saturday from Boise to see the play, and the guest room needs to be prepared.
Can't breathe.
We have a busy weekend at church with a Saturday meeting before the play, then another meeting Sunday night, plus church that morning. PKR and I are on our church’s leadership team. That calls for a few more commitments than we normally have, because of the changes happening at church.
Walls closing in around me.
I have my creative’s group coming here on Saturday morning, so the house needs to get cleaned up (which is a good thing).
Feel cooped up.
Then next weekend, there is the History Day competition, BBall tourney in CDA, PKR’s parents are coming to see the play, and spending the night, my sister is coming with her husband to see the play and spend the night (but she will be staying at my mom’s house), plus figuring out what cute green outfit I need to wear to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. (Just kidding!! I thought I would see if you were paying attention. Even though I am stuck in a barrel, I still have a sense of humor!) Besides the play, which ends on Sunday, we are hosting the cast party at our house on Sunday night.
Some fresh air would do me good.
Then I have been doing employee evaluations this last week, and will continue this week at work, where I help manage the local veterinarian hospital in town. They haven’t been too bad, just a lot of mental strain.
A bit on edge.
Plus, I’ve just felt crappy all week, with a cold, and cough, and just a bit run down.
About to snap!
There, that felt better.


raymond pert said...

Marmite in the bung hole. Marmite helps even the most claustrophobic situation seem suddently as open as an alpine meadow.

Open up your life. You'll love it (or hate it).

Spread Marmite thinly on toast.

Your world will suddenly become open as the wheat fields of the Palouse.

Mommy Dearest said...

When I feel like that, it helps to stop and blow bubbles. My mom told me it's hard to be mad or sad or overwhelmed when you're blowing bubbles. Of course that won't help you get the house cleaned any faster ... Good luck.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Well, it is Saturday afternoon, and I am feeling much better. The house is clean (with much help from my wonderful husband, PKR.) The guest room is ready for the arrival of my sister-in-law. And I am actually able to sit and have a breather for a bit before she arrives. A-h-h-h-h-h-h. Thanks for the bubble tip Mommy Dearest. I'll have to try that. I think we have a bottle of bubbles around here somewhere!