#5 My Tree--Glenda the Good Witch Visits The Silver Valley

If what I say resonates with you,
it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree.
- W.. B . Yeats


raymond pert said...

Is this picture photoshop enchanced or enhanced in some other way?

Silver Valley Girl said...

No, that is how it turned out on its own. The snow was coming down, so it must have been the time of day, the snow and the flash that created "Glenda". Pretty cool, huh. For my own pleasure I have decided to take a picture of my tree every day for the next year, and see how it changes from day to day, and publish it here on my blog. In just the five days I have taken pictures, it is amazing how the tree and the landscape changes from day to day.

raymond pert said...

Your tree changes even more than Snug!