Silver Linings--TV on DVD

I would have to say one of the things my family enjoys most for entertainment is DVD’s. And, I think, more than watching movies on DVD, we enjoy watching TV shows on DVD. While watching a TV episode, you don’t have to make the time commitment you do with a movie. There are no commercials—a definite plus!! And you don’t have to wait from week to week to see what happens next.

Another reason we enjoy the TV DVD’s so much is we have chosen not to have Cable TV in our home. And, if you don’t have cable or satellite in the Silver Valley, you don’t have TV reception. So we watch a lot of DVD’s or my mom tapes the shows we like to watch, and we can choose when to watch them, and zip through all the commercials.

One of the only drawbacks to this setup is when I am forced to watch TV in “real time”. It is excruciating having to wait during the commercial breaks. And, I swear, there is never anything on, even if there are 152 channels to choose from!

We have quite a collection of TV shows on DVD. We have the whole collection, seasons one through seven, of The West Wing. It was hard saying goodbye to President Bartlett, Leo, Josh, Toby, C.J. Donna, and all the others, but, fortunately, they now live on my bookshelf and can be revived at any time.

PKR’s sister got us hooked on The Gilmore Girls. What a fun show. I have never watched it on “real time TV”, but I love it, and we now own up to season five. We’ll invest in the other seasons as soon as we can. I just wish Luke and Lorelai would get married already!!

The Princess loves “Family Guy” and “CSI”. She has four seasons of “Family Guy”, and three seasons of “CSI”. This is the original CSI, the one in Las Vegas. She also has the first season of Mad TV.

Kiki Aru has season one of “Monk”. What a great character Tony Shaloub has created in the OCD detective who is brilliant at solving crimes. She also has “The Best and Worst of American Idol”.

Z2 enjoys “The Gilmore Girls” as well.

PKR had a gift card from Barnes and Noble for Christmas, and purchased the first series of the original Mission Impossible series.

For Christmas, I received the first two seasons of the British comedy “As Time Goes By,” a show I used to watch and enjoy when we had public television in Meridian. I have put future seasons on my Netflix Queue. I received and watched season three, but season four has a VERY LONG WAIT. Why all the clamor for season four of an obscure British comedy? Who knows? Maybe Dame Judi Dench has a bigger fan club than I realized.

We also have two “Carol Burnett Show” DVD’s. Nothing beats Dinah Shore singing “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” in a polyester jump suit. On one of these DVD’s we fortunately have the classic skit “Went With The Wind”, with the classic scene of Carol Burnett descending the stairs with the curtain rod over her shoulder and the drapes tied around her. I saw it when it originally was aired, and it still makes me laugh so hard I cry every time I see it.

Currently, I am making my way through the first season of NCIS. Mark Harmon is really good looking. And he smiled a lot more in the first season, was a bit more playful. Recently, Jethro Gibbs has become a bit moody.

Well, I have to go. Another Naval Officer is in trouble and NCIS is ready to solve the case….besides, I want to see Mark Harmon smile one more time!!!

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Katrina said...

I was introduced to the joy that is TV on DVD when we rented the whole first season of "Lost", back when everyone was talking about it. We hadn't been watching it, but after several family members and friends raved about it, we had to tune in to see what was causing the sensation.

It was such a relief to be able to go right from a cliffhanger ending to the very next episode with no waiting! And the absence of commercials is addictive.

Now we've watched many TV shows this way--Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, and the British version of The Office are all great on DVD.

If only our library would start carrying TV shows as well as movies in their DVD section, I might never watch "real" TV again. :D