James Taylor

I'm sitting here a few days late watching the Oscar telecast from Sunday night. One of the highlights for me was James Taylor singing the Oscar nominated song from "Cars". Boy do I love that James Taylor.

I was first exposed to his music in as a junior high school student when I joined the Columbia Record House Club and Taylor's album JT was one of my 12 free albums I ordered. For years I have enjoyed and sung along to:

Your Smiling Face

There We AreHoney

Don’t Leave LA

Another Grey Morning

Bartender’s Blues

Secret O’ Life

Handy Man

I Was Only Telling A Lie

Looking For Love On Broadway

Terra Nova

Traffic Jam

If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight

I can sing along to each and every one of these songs, I know them by heart, and have for almost 30 years.

I think I own every CD James Taylor has ever made.

I've seen James in concert two different times, but the last time was 12 years ago when I was pregnant with Z2. It has been too long. I am ready for a James Taylor fix.

My sister, InlandEmpireGirl, wants to have the two of us, along with our brother, Raymond Pert have a James Taylor night if he comes up for spring break, and watch the PBS special "James Taylor Great Performances".

Here is what InlandEmpireGirl wrote in an email to intice us to watch the show.......

"OH MY GOSH! I finally had time to view it Sunday. It is incredible. Here is just part of the lineup... Dixie Chicks singing Shower the People, Sting, You Can Close Your Eyes, Sheryl Crow, David Crosby, and Jackson Brown doing Mexico, of course Carole King You've Got a Friend and there is more."

Well, sis, even if our brother doesn't make it, I think the two of us can have our own James Taylor night.....but it would be much better with all three.

Who else would enjoy a James Taylor night?
I've posted a James Taylor video for those JT fans out there to enjoy!!!
I hope it makes you all have a smiling face!!


InlandEmpireGirl said...

Great post silvervalley girl- I think I will just do a March James Taylor month and play him every day! I love what you are doing with the photo of the tree each day.

Dea said...

You write very well.