Tuesday night in the Silver Valley

So what is going on in our home tonight in the beautiful Silver Valley?

The Princess is working on her online course with PKR. She attends 4 periods at Kellogg High School, and then takes online courses as well. It is a system that works well for her, and students are fortunate these days they have many different options of earning their high school diploma. I am a firm believer in public school education, but I also believe it doesn't work for everyone, and that we are fortunate that our children have many different options, from Richard McKenna High School, the online school my daughter takes classes from, IDLA that PKR uses at Silver Valley Alternative School, the valley's alternative high school, and many good home schooling programs, not to mention private schools, if you choose that route. Here is PKR and The Princess working on U.S. History.

Z2 is putting the finishing touches on her cricket she is making for her 7th grade science project at Kellogg Middle School. With the help of her dad and myself, we found enough materials to construct this 3-D creature that will soon join many others in the insect kingdom and hang from the ceiling in her science room. She also put her cricket in its' habitat, so hopefully she will earn an extra 20 bonus points.

Valentine's Day has been extended by a week at 5th grader Kika Aru's school because it was shut down last week due to 41 percent of the students and teachers missing because of a nasty flu bug. So tommorow is the day they get their Valentine's parties. I helped Kiki Aru make a very original valentine for her classmates. She is giving her classmates "Cupid Poop".

Here is what the card says:

I couldn't send you flowers
and candy wouldn't do
and mushy cards just didn't
say the things I want them to.
So I got you something special
and here's the inside scoop
I found you something very rare
it's genuine Cupid poop!

I hope her 5th grade classmates like it!!


InlandEmpireGirl said...

Wow Kika Aru, could you save me some Cupid poop? I'll swap you for some doggie treasures I found under the snow!!

Anonymous said...

The back of Princess head is very attractive.
Kiki Aru's head is full of cupid poop.

-from the stranger
to-crazy cricket lady.

P.S. to inlandempiregirl sadie says she would like some doggie treats please mail them.