Silver Linings--Valentine's Day Songs 2/14/2007

Good things are always happening around the Silver Valley. These are those "Silver Linings" you find in every day life. When I share about those wonderful happenings around here, I will refer to them as my Silver Linings.

Today my husband joined three other men to spread Valentine's Day love across the Silver Valley by performing singing Valentine's. I was one of the fortunate recipients at work today. Not only was I serenaded by these gentlemen, but I also received a balloon, a card and a box of chocolates. It was very nice.

Then I enjoyed hearing PK's (my husband) thoughts on his afternoon and evening of singing. More than once he brought a tear to the recipients eyes. Some of the singing was planned and paid for. Some the group had time to kill, so they just sang to those around them. They stopped in at the Silver Spoon for dinner, and delighted more than one table with their songs. One girls, about 5 or 6, was all dressed up in her valentine's dress, and received a song. PK sang to one of his former students and her mother.

PK felt their group had done something good this Valentine's Day....spreading love in a special and unique way around the Silver Valley.

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