Love Letter From God

Last Tuesday I was asked to share at our MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) group that we have at our church every month. The topic was suppose to center on love and Valentine's Day.

In preparing for this talk, the song "Jesus Loves Me" kept going through my head. As I shared with the mothers at the gathering, I shared the words to the song, and asked them if they really believed the words to that song.

"Is it a song you just teach your kids, or do you really believe the words when they tell you that Jesus Loves You because the Bible tells you so?"

Then I shared with them "A Love Letter From God." It is a letter someone has put together paraphrasing about 50 verses from the Bible that focus on what God thinks about you. You can find it here.

And look here for more about God's love.

See what happens to your outlook on life if you listen or read this love letter the first thing in the morning. I believe your life will change.

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