The Condo Explosion

The Silver Valley is experiencing growth, as least in construction. I am daily reminded of it as I look out my front window, and my landscape has changed from viewing the hills around Kellogg to now having an up close and personal view of Phase III of the condominiums at the Morning Star Lodge at Silver Mountain. Workers seem to be working around the clock to finish the construction on this phase.

Now, I'm not praising or blasting this growth. I wouldn't be in the lovely home I live in now if it weren't for the new developement. Our former home was bought out by condo builders to tear down so condo's could be built. I think it is just the newness of it all.

As I left Kellogg yesterday, heading to Pinehurst to pick up middle daughter, Z2, I glanced to my right toward McDonalds, and the sign on the building that used to say "Taco Express" now says something like "Alpine Village Resort Condominium Sales". In the paper this morning, the front page news is about a grand opening being held today for the sales of theses condos. These are located uptown on Ohio Avenue, I think behind the also being remodeled McConnel Hotel (which houses one of the coolest coffee shops in uptown Kellogg. As a child, the McConnel Hotel always kind of scared me, because it always looked run down, and the people who hung out there were scary looking. It is nice to see this building get a new face lift.)

When I arrived in Pinehurst, I was quite surprised by the new building that has risen up at the old KOA Campground. This one does pull at my heartstrings a bit, because the KOA has done a wonderful job since the summer we moved back here in 2000, hosting a 4th of July celebration and fireworks show. It had become a family tradition. Now, the beautiful campground is being changed. And the building is right up against the park, too. Well, it caught me off guard, and I'm not sure I like it.

The new Bee Hive Homes on the main street in Pinehurst look beautiful.

Z2 was at her friend's home in Pinehurst working on their upcoming History Day project. Her friend's aunt was a friend of mine in grade school, and I remember going to this house when I was younger, because her grandparents lived in this house. As soon as I drove down the street and spotted the house, I remembered. It is funny, but one vivid memory from that time at this house was watching Elton John and Kiki Dee singing "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" on TV.

Okay, back to the new construction. Another development from the paper this week is Shoshone County putting an emergency moratorium on any development in the county (not including inside city limits) so they can take some time to review county ordinances that have not been updated in over 20 years. One of the county commisioners launching this moratorium is newly elected commissioner Vince Rinaldi. I have know Vince my whole life, and he is now a neighbor. I have talked to him in the past regarding growth in the Silver Valley, and I believe he has a nice, balanced approach to the situation, and has good ideas to help the county plan and manage growth.

What blows my thinking about all of this is the plans Silver Mountain is planning around the new golf course and up on the mountain. Will people really come and fill up all those proposed houses, condos and hotels? I guess only time will tell. But it boggles the mind!!


Gail said...

Hi! Silver Valley Girl,

this is just wonderful writing as always. I have booked mark this in my favorites so I am sure i will be stopping by once and awhile it was cool that i found your brothers by accident. So thank you for sharing your link with me. Gailey12 ( this is my gamer name) LOL

raymond pert said...

Yes they will come. Soon 150,000,000,000 people will live on Cameron Avenue alone. Mark my word!

InlandEmpireGirl said...

It boggles my mind too. I am still recovering from my childhood elementary school being a home for Dave Smith business. Great picture of the tree.

raymond pert said...

This is heaven! Mary and Pert Woolum's kids all have blogs! You'll have a lot of fun with this..the pictures, the place to go to write stuff. I am looking forward to the historical materials you post. I'll tell ya, your blog will be a real service to the Valley and to readers like me who stupidly left the Inland Empire as you get more historical links and other materials on your blog..when you want to...as you feel moved to...I mean, it's fun to read about the current ins and outs of family life and, I'm hoping, maybe a funny animal story now and then from work (and home). I am stoked for this blog!

InlandEmpireGirl said...

So where is the tapas bar in the Silver Valley? I guess I need to get out more. I even had to look up what it was.... please... more info for the remote, rural Inland Empire Girl

Anonymous said...

Where is princess!


-from secret person.