It is time I clear away the spider webs and blow off the dust of my blog and resurrect it for another year.  That is because I have chosen a word for the year, and that word is PURPOSEFUL.
adjective: purposeful
  1. 1.
    having or showing determination or resolve.
 This year I would like to be more purposeful in my daily writings, and that includes creating a blog entry each day.  I am almost done creating a list of 365 subjects to write about this year.  Once the list is done, I will cut it up, and pull out a subject each day to write about.  I hope this helps me be more disciplined and will motivate me have determination and resolve in keeping up a blog.
Over the last year, my blog writing has been non-existent.  I have been a slacker.  I hope to change that for the year 2014.
I'd love to have people read my writing, but that is not why I'm writing.  I'm writing for the discipline of writing.  I'm writing to get some thoughts out of my head and on to the blank page.
Anais Nin's says, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  
That is what I want to do....look back at the life I've lived, at the moments of my life, and share my thoughts.
So join me this year for my Silver Valley Stories as I tackle different subjects for the next 365 days. 


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Nita Jo said...

I'm looking forward to reading your daily thoughts. I've missed your writing!