music and cats.
Albert Schweitzer 

Seventeen years ago, this sweet little black cat found us.  We have four cats.  Two of them, we found and brought them home.  Two of them found us.  Cozomo is one of them.

We lived in Meridian, Idaho at the time.  It was the fall of 1996.  Paul and I were youth group leaders in our church, and we were participating in an activity that had groups of us walking around the neighborhood near our church, and near our home.  Our group was joined by a little talkative kitten that joined our group as we walked around the neighborhood.  We kept hoping it would find its way home.

The next morning, this little kitten showed up again....this time at our church.  Two of our church members were cleaning the church, and had left the door open.  In comes this sweet little kitten to check things out.  They ended up taking her home, but, unfortunately, this little sweetie didn't get along with their other cat.

So they called us up, wondering if maybe one of the students at Meridian Academy, the alternative high school Paul taught at, wanted a kitten.  So we kept her for the night.  I still remember her being exhausted and sleeping next to me all night long.  So, instead of giving her away, we realized it was time to add another cat to our family, since our beloved Lynx had died the previous February.

We named her Cozomo....after the first two letters of each of our daughter's names.  Looking at her today, you would never know she was 17 years old.  She is very cuddly and continues to be a sweet little girl.  For those of you who have or do have cats as pets, you know the special bond that develops, and they do become a part of the family.

And we have been blessed to have enjoyed Cozomo for all these years.

I'm glad she found us when she did.

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Nita Jo said...

I remember when she became part of your family. Such a sweet little kitty! Hard to believe it's been 17 years. Tell her I said, she doesn't look a day over 10! ;)