Taking A Leap Of Faith

"The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It's our handle on what we can't see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd."  Hebrews 11:1-2

Last night The Princess, Z2 and I were having a conversation about taking a leap of faith.  The Princess is ready to do something different, and take a new course in her life.

Her practical sister Z2 cautioned her about being too hasty with her decisions.

The Princess believes God is leading her in a certain direction.  I told her, "Take a leap of faith.  You are never going to know if God wants you to do this or not unleass you take that leap of faith."

Then it reminded me of PKR and I about 20 years ago.  We were living in Eastern Montana, and The Princess was about 8 months old.  PKR was the Associate Pastor at our Church and also substitute teaching at the high school.  I worked as a radio announcer at the Christian/Agriculture station in town.  We felt like God was telling us it was time to move.

Our two options were either around Kellogg, where both our parents lived, or to Meridian, where some of Paul's family lived.  It came down to moving to Meridian, because Paul's grandpa, who was the Pastor of the church, said Paul could get a small stipend for being the Youth Pastor if we moved to Meridian.  So, with no job prospects, an 8 month old baby, and our faith in God, we took a leap of faith and moved to Meridian.

Well, actually, Paul moved to Meridian.  The Princess and I went to Kellogg for a while.  Paul's parents and my mom came to help us move.  As we headed west, PKR and his parents drove the U-Haul truck to Meridian.  Mom and I and The Princess drove our car to Kellogg.

Eventually PKR got a job with his cousin Verl building houses.  When I moved down to Meridian, we moved in with Paul's brother and his wife until we could find a place to rent.  (As I recall, finding a place to rent in Meridian was a very frustrating exercise.  Eventually, though, God blessed us with an apartment right across the street from the church.  It was perfect!!)

As I spent my days taking care of The Princess, and looking for a place to rent that would take a baby and two cats, PKR worked construction, and also applied for a job in the Meridian School District.  He eventually got an interview, and was hired by the principal of Meridian Academy, the newly formed Alternative High School in the Meridian School District. 

Through this summer, God met our every need.  We always had a place to live.  We always had food on the table. And PKR always had a job.  Our faith grew, and we knew that God would always provide for our needs.  But we needed to take that leap of faith.

When we hear that still small voice speaking to us, and leading us in a certain direction, we need to respond.  We need to say, okay, I'm stepping out in the unknown, but You are walking right alongside me Lord, and I know it is going to be okay.  And as He provides for us, our love for Him and our faith in Him grows by leaps and bounds. 

So Princess, it is time to spread your wings, put that foot forward, and see where God is leading you.  Remember, He is walking beside you every step of the way.


Cedar Street Kid said...

Some folks wonder why God never talks to them, but He does. They are just not listening. He is the Voice gently leading and guiding us to do certain things, or to move to a certain place. Tell her to follow the voice.

By the way, "Leap of Faith" with Steve Martin is one of my favorite movies.

Katrina said...

I love this post! I can definitely look back and see some places in my life where God was encouraging me to release my stranglehold on the rope and jump!

By the way, I tagged you!: Eleven

Nita Jo said...

As always, I love your post! I did stop by today to let you know I gave you an award. If you should choose to accept this honor (Lol), just hop on over to today's post and grab it!